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The Yogic Food Path

Food Intelligence 

What you call as ‘my body’ is just an accumulation of the food you eat. So, what kind of food you eat should depend  not on your values and ethics or on what you think about it, but on what the body wants. Food is about the body.        If you are aware enough, if you just touch a piece of food, you will know how this food would behave in your system.                                                                                                                                                           -Sadhguru

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 Healthy Fruit Salad

                                                     Welcome to the yogic food path 

 This section is dedicated to information regarding food and yogic recipes to support you in your journey in the path to yoga. 

With yoga practices, I began to see food not as commodity but as a piece of life that has it own intelligence and has different impacts on the system. Food is NOT solely about the taste, different kinds of food has different kinds of effect on the nervous and digestive systems which in turn has a direct impact on the mind and on our experience of life itself. In the ayurvedic system of medicine, it is believed that every herb on this planet has some medicinal value. Food is a blessing and can be the strongest support on the road to a joyful life. 

Here, I will share information of food that I come across. I am ever experimenting with ingredients and cuisines to cook a yogic diet but with heaps of deliciousness. I shall share these recipes with you!                                 In doing so, I hope in some way, that I will be able to encourage you to explore this beautiful dimension of experience with food and to support you to walk the yogic path.

With gratitude and hope - Grishma Gautam

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