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The  Origins  of  yoga


15000 years ago, a yogi appeared...

In the yogic culture, Shiva is not seen as a god, he is seen as the Adiyogi, the first yogi. Over 15000 years ago, a yogi appeared in the upper regions of the Himalayas. No one knew where he came from and what his antecedents were – and he did not introduce himself – so they did not know his name.

So he is referred to as Adiyogi or

the first yogi.

…..the world’s first yoga program – happened at the banks of the lake Kantisarovar, a few kilometers beyond Kedarnath. When we say “yoga,” we are not talking about twisting your body or holding your breath. We are talking about the very mechanics of life and how to take this piece of creation – you – to its ultimate possibility.

It was Adiyogi who introduced to humanity the idea that one can evolve beyond one’s present level of existence and limitations. He poured this knowing into the Sapta Rishis, or the “seven sages,” who carried this powerful yogic science to various parts of the world. For generations together, innumerable masters have held this knowledge above their lives and have passed on this sacred science without a single distortion.


    About Sadhguru


 Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and a bestselling author who ranked amongst the 50 most influential people in India by India Today. Sadhguru has been conferred the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India in 2017, the highest civilian award of the year, accorded for exceptional and distinguished service.


Sadhguru's is a renowned and celebrated speaker who has headlined the talks at the United Nations World Headquarters, the Hindustan Leadership Summit, the Australian Leadership Retreat,Indian Economic Summit and TED


Sadhguru is the founder of Isha Foundation, a non-profit human-service organization, supported by over nine million volunteers in over 250 centers worldwide. Isha Foundation does not promote any particular ideology, religion, or race, but transmits the inner sciences of universal appeal. Sadhguru presents yoga – the core of India’s spiritual strength and its gift to the world – as an inner science. Devised by Sadhguru, Inner Engineering or Isha Yoga has made a dimensional shift in how people address their wellbeing. Because of its scientific approach, Inner Engineering has garnered international appeal and acceptance from leading corporations, universities, and global forums like Google, General Electric, the World Bank, etc where Sadhguru has been an influential voice at these forums addressing issues as diverse as socio-economic development, leadership and spirituality. Sadhguru is a regular at the World Economic Forum and the most renowned education institutions across the world including Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Wharton, MIT, etc. have hosted Sadhguru’s talks.  Over 100 million people have been touched by Isha Yoga or Inner Engineering till date. 


 Sadhguru’s work has deeply touched the lives of millions worldwide through his transformational programs. 

Under Sadhguru’s leadership, Isha Foundation has also shaped many pioneering and large-scale social initiatives like quality education for the poor, holistic health solutions, environmental stewardship, and bringing about rural rejuvenation through sports. This approach has gained worldwide recognition and reflects in Isha Foundation’s special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations


Sadhguru has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to contemporary minds, acting as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life. His life and work are constant reminders that the inner sciences are not outdated philosophies, but rather, vitally relevant to our times. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers methods for self-transformation that are both proven and powerful. Sadhguru’s areas of active involvement encompass fields as diverse as architecture and visual design, poetry, painting, ecology, horticulture, sports, music, aviation, and he exudes an indiscriminate passion for all aspects of life.


To know more about Sadhguru and Isha foundation, visit 

 to know about Inner Engineering

About Sadhguru

About the teacher

Grishma Gautam, Isha hatha yoga teacher, Isha teacher, Isha yoga teacher in bay area

I am devoted to offering classical hatha yoga in its full depth and magnitude as this ancient profound yogic science is largely absent in today's teachings of yoga. Classical hatha yoga is not a form of exercise or therapy but is a live process that has an immense possibility to create a body that is not a hurdle but a stepping stone for self-transformation. The aim of classical hatha yoga is to restore the self to its fundamental state of being, i.e. joyful and in harmony with the existence. 


It is with great gratitude that I share this offering with you to create the right of chemistry within.     

It is my greatest joy to transmit this sacred inner science and to witness you take steps to explore your potential, to experience life in more ways than it is for you right now, to live life with ease and not with stress!

Come lets be together in vibrant stillness and in silence.

-Grishma Gautam


Grishma Gautam founded Shivangi Hatha Yoga in 2018. She is an ADMP UK registered dance/movement psychotherapist, an artisan and also a Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher who offers Isha Classical Hatha Yoga as a powerful tool for one's inner transformation.


Grishma underwent an intense 1750+ hours of teacher training course designed by Sadhguru at Isha Yoga center located in India at the foothills of sacred Vellangiri mountains, where classical hatha yoga is taught in its full depth under the grace of a living guru. 


This rigorous training focused on establishing awareness and an experiential understanding of higher dimensions of life through the ancient science of yogic practices. The training also covered the basics of human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. 


From her childhood, Grishma was drawn towards spirituality and her fascination to understand the mechanics of life only grew with time. Grishma is a dancer and had always been curious to unravel the connection between movements/postures on the impact of mind. This seeking for knowledge has led her to take up psychology as her major through college and university. 


 Unsatisfied with the exclusion of the role of the body in the traditional educational system, she continued her search which steered her to complete dance diploma, MA dance/movement psychotherapy and also energy healing certifications. Though useful in many aspects, all of these seemed to touch only the tip of the iceberg of body-connection with the exclusion of various dimensions of body, mind, and life itself.


Finally, she turned to yoga and completed a 350 hour Sivananda teacher training. Though this was a stepping stone it still could not quench her thirst.


She then completed 21week Isha teacher training course where she explored and experienced life in different dimensions. It was only through this training that she had realized life as much more than what we know with our 5 senses. The impact of this experience on her has been incredibly significant and remarkable in every aspect of her life. Grishma hopes to reach as many people as she can to bring them in touch with this profound inner science and to provide an opportunity for everyone to experience life beyond body and mind. 





About Teacher
Teacher Training

About the Teacher Training

The intense 1750 plus hours of Isha teacher training program is designed in depth to transform the students not in to hatha yoga teachers but in to hatha yogis in many ways.  In todays world, the  refined  tools  of  classical  yoga have  been  largely  lost  or  grossly  distorted. Moreover, the access to this system has been  given only for the  hardiest  seekers  and  those who  devote  their lives to spiritual sadhana and austerity. But it  is  Sadhguru’s  vision  to  revive  this  ancient  science  in  all  of its  purity  and  to make  it accessible to every individual.  Here, yoga is not taught as a subject but as live science. Because only when a teacher in some way becomes yoga, can the science be transmitted. This program takes the teachers on a path to at least in some limited ways to break the limitations of body, mind and thus to experience oneself beyond certain boundaries of physicality. This program is once in a life time opportunity to experience the truth.  

 for more information on Isha hatha yoga teacher training. 

About S.H.Y

About Shivangi Hatha Yoga

Shivangi hatha yoga is dedicated to offering classical hatha yoga in its purest form as the refined tools and certain dimensions of classical hatha yoga are mostly either absent in today's teachings or have been grossly been misunderstood due to various socio-cultural reasons. In recent years, many innovations to yoga have happened such as Studio yoga, Hot yoga, and Book yoga amongst others.


Shivangi hatha yoga aims to bring back the classical hatha yoga in its full vibrancy without any distortions. At Shivangi hatha yoga, the classes are taught with great devotion, care and precision to create a safe and conducive atmosphere to learn the subtler aspects of Hatha Yoga. Only when taught in a proper atmosphere with a certain sense of humility and inclusiveness, the process becomes a  possibility of shaping your system to experience higher dimensions of the self.



The classes include a combination of videos, explanations, demonstrations and guided practices all of which equip the students with the basic foundation of the program.  Unlike the regular Studio yoga or many modern yoga classes, the classes taught here are without music, mirrors, props, talking during demonstrations/practice or even physically touching during the practice. As a direct result of such a teaching methodology with an inward focus orientation, the students can experience deeper dimensions of the practice with an immense inner possibility to experience life beyond body and mind. 


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