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"We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process.

The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are." - Sadhguru

Classes are taught by certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

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Classical Yoga

                             The Classical Approach



              Bringing back Yoga to its authentic roots

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Classical Hatha Yoga 

Yoga has survived for thousands of years only because of it's potent ability, which was thoroughly studied, designed and transmitted with perfection by many powerful beings who have walked this earth.


Classical yoga is a phenomenally powerful science and a system that is precisely and meticulously put together, which comprises of various methods to reach higher dimensions, to elevate and purify one’s energies and to raise one’s perception to its peak. 


Access to this ancient system has been traditionally reserved only for the hardiest seekers who devote their entire lives to spiritual practices.  


Today, however, these refined tools of classical yoga have been lost or are grossly distorted due to many socio-cultural misunderstandings.


Many innovations to yoga such as book yoga, hot yoga etc have been made without an understanding of the basic principles of mechanisms of body and mind. Only at a very few places, the classical system is still endured in its full vibrancy and sanctity


Hence at Shivangi hatha yoga, we are dedicated to bringing back classical hatha yoga in its purest form through Isha Hatha Yoga.




- Isha Hatha Yoga

         Classical hatha yoga - Teacher Training

The intense 1750 plus hours of Isha teacher training program designed by Sadhguru is formulated in-depth to transform the students not into hatha yoga teachers but into hatha yogis in many ways. Here, yoga is not taught as a subject but as live science. Because only when a teacher in some way becomes a yogi, can the science be transmitted. For six months the students lead a yogic life with intense sadhana thus immersing oneself in experiencing layers of dimensions of the existence. 


What we offer

What makes us different from


the mainstream yoga classes?    

1)   We teach classical hatha yoga in its original form, in its fullest depth and dimensions derived from the ancient yogic tradition that is maintained in its purity for thousands of years without a single distortion.


2)   Our teaching methodology is very different from mainstream yoga classes. Yoga is not taught as an exercise or as recurring short weekly classes


3)  With the modern teaching approach, you may find instant relaxation or relief, but it will last only temporarily and is short-lived.


4)   Through the original classical approach, we teach yoga as a spiritual and holistic process to transform life for long term health.


5)   We do not teach yoga as a mere fitness routine, but we transmit this as a live process to align various dimensions of the self and to explore one's full potential.





6)   Foremost, a strong foundation should be laid, before practicing regularly.


   Hence at Shivangi Hatha Yoga, programs are offered in a workshop format where:


  • 4 -15 class hours are combined into 2-4 sessions. 


  • The classes include a combination of videos, explanations, demonstrations and guided practices, all of which equip the students with the basic foundations of the program with which they can practice


  • on their own for the rest of their lives without having to keep returning each week.


7)     The classes are a one-time investment for a lifetime of health! 


8)     Unlike the regular Studio or modern yoga classes, the classes taught here are without music, mirrors, props, talking during demonstrations/practice, or even physically touching during the practice. 


9)       As a direct result of such a teaching methodology with an inward focus orientation, the students can experience subtler aspects of various dimensions of the practice.


10)    The classes are taught with great devotion, care, and precision to transmit the yogic science in a safe and conducive atmosphere.


It is Sadhguru’s vision to revive this ancient science in all its purity and to make it available to every individual.




 Class Methodology

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Attend a workshop to learn  basic foundations of the practice. 

authentic yoga, isha yoga, class structure, classical yoga, isha yoga in bay area, shivangi hatha yoga, sadhguru


Practice on your own and  do not have to return to take weekly classes.

authentic yoga, isha yoga, class structure, classical yoga, isha yoga in bay area, shivangi hatha yoga, sadhguru


Refine your practice by attending review & corrections class.

 Attend guided sessions to support your at-home practice.

authentic yoga, isha yoga, class structure, classical yoga, isha yoga in bay area, shivangi hatha yoga, sadhguru , isha yogasna


Learn advanced aspects of the practice to deepen your personal practice. 

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