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The Regal Date- Polymer with Quilled Jhumka Earrings

The Regal Date- Polymer with Quilled Jhumka Earrings

The Regal Date - May your date be as rosy and regal as these beauties. Polymer earrings with Quilled jhumkas and paired with 925 sterling silver earring hooks. 


When it comes to dresseing up for the lover/ partner, Indian princesses dress up with such involvement and grandeur, that it turns the whole ambience in to a burst of celebration.  Each woman is a Princess in her own way especially on her date. Reflecting the regalness and feminity in women, Here I present to you, The Regal Date Earrings.  These make a perfect gift for bride, anniversary, birthday or other special occasions. The earrings come neatly packed in a gift ready box! The Earrings have a asmooth glossy finish and are waterproofed.


 With these earrings, I worked to recreate the Indian Jhumkas to make them unique, contemporary, stylish and gorgeous just like YOU are! Be sure to flaunt them worry free as these are one of its kind and aren't duplicated.


The earring top is made of polymer clay in a Tibetan metal setting. The earring top encases the polymer bright floral setting. The colors are matched to reflect the subtle yet striking qualities of a woman on her date. The dashing earrings are paired with pink quilled jhumkas that looks almost like a metal. The Jhumka is topped with a silver tone metal bead cap and the earrings hold ghungroos to display the richness and hints of traditional Indian jewelry.   


The earring's floral top is made with polymer clay using a technique  called embroidery technique, where each minute pieces of clay- leaf, petals and other elements are created and hand placed carefully one by one in its position with very thin needles. These earrings are purely handmade with out using any molds. The details are smaller than is shown in the image. I mix the polymer colors until I get the desired tones for the elements.


The earrings get the Indian touch with the beautiful bright colored Jhumkas. These Jhumkas are made with a technique called quilling, where thin strips of paper are rolled together to get the desired shape. These jhumkas are made with special strong adhesive, then smoothened carefully, painted and are waterproofed. These metal like jhumkas are strong and sturdy with long shelf life.


Only when the root is carefully nurtured with time and effort, will a beautiful fruit grow. Just like the root, the process of making this art requires a lot of time, effort, patience and love.


I create each piece of jewelry with immense devotion, joy and care. I hope this art work brings a sense of festivity to you. Each piece of art I create is unique with no two identical pieces/ unrepeatable and hence can not be mistaken for a mass-produced jewelry.


Hope you enjoy these earrings as much as I enjoyed making them for you! :) Wishing you a celebratory way of life!




Great care is taken to ensure that all items listed are described and photographed as accurately as possible to show the intricate details of the piece. Please ensure you read the listing descriptions well for dimensions and colors. Please do keep in mind that the colors shown may slightly vary due to the natural and the difference in screen light. I cannot guarantee a perfect color match. 


As these are handmade products, they cant be made perfectly symmetrical and very identical. Unlike the machine made, handmade items do have imperfections and this is what makes handmade products very beautiful and unique just like our lives. 





  • The polymer & Quilled jhumka earrings are paired 925 sterling silver earring hooks. The floral setting is set in a silver tone metal setting.


    The Approximate Measurements of the earrings are as follows:


    The drop Height of the earrings - 3 in.

    L x W - 1.5 x 1.2

    Diameter of Jhumka - 0.8 in 

$65.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
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