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Ethnic Blue & gold phone Holder, Clay Phone Stand

Ethnic Blue & gold phone Holder, Clay Phone Stand


Ethnic Clay Phone stand is very festive and grand. The stand has shades of blue with gold color embossing. This very unique phone stand make a wonderful gift for birthdays, festivals and special ocassions. The phone stand is waterproofed with a shiny gloss finish. To enhancecs its splendor, it has been decorated with gold tone bead chain which give the stand a very royal appeal. This pretty stand comes in a gift ready box! 


This stand can hold a smaller and slimmer phone such as iphone 5s with a very thin phone cover. But fits perfectly if the phone doesnot have a phone cover. 

This clay phone stand is entirely handmade with out using any molds to make the structure. But a press had been used to make the Indian design art on the surface. 


I create each piece of art with immense devotion, joy and care. I hope this art work brings a sense of festivity to you.


Hope you enjoy these earrings as much as I enjoyed making them for you! :)


Wishing you a celebratory way of life!




Great care is taken to ensure that all items listed are described and photographed as accurately as possible to show the intricate details of the piece. Please ensure you read the listing descriptions well for dimensions and colors. Please do keep in mind that the colors shown may slightly vary due to the natural and the difference in screen light. I cannot guarantee a perfect color match.


As these are handmade products, they cant be made perfectly symmetrical and very identical. Unlike the machine made, handmade items do have imperfections and this is what makes handmade products very beautiful and unique just like our lives.



  • Ethnic Phone holder is made of air dry clay and painted with metallic colors. It has stamped Indian design on its surface and is adorned with bead chain with gold tone.

    Approximate Dimensions are as follow :


    H from front - 2in

    H side x W - 1.5 x 2.9 in 

    Holder space - 0.6 

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