Yoga For Little Yogis

For the 1st time in Bay Area

1 Month Isha Hatha Yoga Intensive For Children

                    July 27th - August 21st

“The greatest crime that you can do to humanity is to teach your children that suffering is a part of their life. You have taken away the possibility of them being joyous human beings.”
                                                                        – Sadhguru
Isha Hatha Yoga for Children introduces classical yoga through simple yet powerful set of practices that are specifically designed for children,which offer a unique possibility for every child to build inner balance and stability so that a joyful blossoming of their natural potential becomes a possibility.  Building inner balance early in life, lay a strong foundation to navigate through life not with stress, but with ease and clarity, that enhances one's experience of life leading to a successful and joyful living. 

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The Program :

Classical yoga - a life time investment !

Classical hatha yoga classes are structured in such a way that complete practices are taught unlike main stream yoga classes where asanas are taught randomly at each class, compelling the students to depend on the teacher for the rest of the life.  At Shivangi hatha yoga, classical yoga is transmitted in its full depth & dimension, the way it has been passed on from thousands of years with out a single distortion or innovation.The classes include teaching of complete practices where the children learn all the foundations of the practice with which they can practice on their own for the rest of their lives with out having to keep returning to learn!                         to know more about classical hatha yoga.

What does the program include?

 Complete Practices are taught :

Upa Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Shakti, Mantra Yoga & Pranayama.

   1 Bonus practice - Nada Yoga*

Practices are taught over 4 weekends (Saturday & Sunday) for a month.

  • Each class is 2.5 hours : 9 AM- 11.30 AM

Program also includes 1 guided class each week, on every Wednesday for a month. 

  • Each class is 1 hour- 5.30 PM - 6.30PM

All the classes are taught  is by Isha Hatha Yoga certified teacher with

intense 1750+hours of teacher training.

Main Benefits From The Program

Builds strength & immunity


Increases energy levels & stamina


Balances hormonal levels


Builds Stability & Inner balance


Improves attention & focus


Reduces stress & anxiety


Improves memory & concentration


Weight Loss


 Practices details : 

Upa Yoga

Upa-Yoga is a simple yet powerful system of exercise that activates the joints, muscles, and energy system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa-Yoga dispels inertia in the body’s energy and brings ease to the whole system. It relieves physical stress and tiredness.
  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness

  • Strengthens the joints and muscles

  • Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity

  • Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel


Angamardana, a fitness system rooted in yoga, offers everyone the opportunity to invigorate the body and reach peak physical and mental health. “Angamardana” means gaining complete mastery over the limbs, organs, and other parts of the body. True to its name, this practice revitalizes the body on all levels including the muscles, circulatory system, skeletal structure, nervous system, and the basic energy system.
  • Helps in weight loss

  • Strengths the spine, skeletal and muscular systems.

  • Builds physical strength and fitness, and tenacity

  • Invigorates the body, bringing a sense of lightness and freedom

  • Revitalizes the body including the circulatory, skeletal and nervous systems

Surya Shakti

 Surya means “Sun,” and Shakti means “Energy”. When we say Surya, we are talking about the Sun which is the basic powerhouse of the planet. Life on the planet is solar powered, including human system. Surya Shakti is a way of using that energy for well being. 

  • Realigns and makes the sinews and ligaments of the body strong

  • Increases mental alertness and focus

  • Increases energy levels, physical strength & stamina

  • Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing


Mantra Yoga

AUM chanting is a powerful practice that aligns the three fundamental aspects of the system – body, mind and energy – leading to a more profound experience of life. It helps stabilize the body and mind, thus eliminating psychological disturbances and alleviating chronic ailments. 

  • Remedies attention disorder

  • Helps stabilize the body and mind

  • Helps come out of psychological disturbances

  • Relief from excessive fear, nightmares, unstable mind

  • Brings focus & helps bring resolve in life


Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga uses the power of sound to activate a particular kind of energy, bringing a lasting sense of inner pleasantness. This science of benefiting from certain sounds is a powerful possibility, which when transmitted with the necessary basis and sanctity, creates tremendous wellbeing.

  • Brings inner pleasantness

  • Brings calmness & stability

  • Creates well-being

*This practice will be taught depending on the readiness of the children and the availability of time. 

Eligibility & Requirement

                                                                       9-13 years.
If the child is 8 years old and parents are interested to enroll the child, please contact the teacher to discuss if the child can be eligible to join the program at this time. The eligibility differs from each child, hence it is best to contact the teacher before registering.
                                                             Empty stomach conditions:

Due to nature of the practices, empty stomach conditions are required to be maintained by children for each class. No exceptions will be allowed. Empty stomach conditions is to finish the following before the class with a gap of: 


                                                      Full Meal: 2.5 hours before the class


                                          Snack: (fruit, biscuits etc) 1.5 hours before the class


                                              Beverage: (Juice, milk etc) 1 hour before the class

The Schedule

27 & 28th    -July : 9:00 - 11.30 AM
31st            -July  : 5.30 - 6.30 PM 
3rd & 4th    -August: 9:00 - 11.30 AM
7th             -August : 5.30 - 6.30 PM
10 & 11th   -August : 9.00 - 11.30 AM
14th           -August : 5.30 - 6.30 PM
17 & 18th   -August : 9:00 - 11:30 AM
21st           -August : 5.30 - 6.30 PM

Once the program is completed, children can be registered for guided classes* when offered. Guided classes support the children to keep up their sasdhana with continued practice. Weekly guided classes are currently being planned. 

With hatha yoga, the transformation  does not happen only in body and mind but in the very way one feels, thinks & perceives. May your child learn to go beyond the limitations of body & mind, to flower in to one's fullest potential to go through life with ease for a joyous living.

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